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1.A Pak/Indo condiment made with spices.
2.A Carribean type of music.
I eat chutney on my rice.
by Salma January 25, 2004
1) A person who comes from the village(of India or Pakistan).
Usually used in a derogatory connotation
The paindoo doesn't know how to use the phone!
by Salma January 25, 2004
1.A punjabi term that means girl.
2. Anything with two legs.
3. Often used to holla at a girl.
Hey kurriyay you're beautiful. Can I buy you a samosa?
by Salma January 25, 2004
(Interjection) shit.
O, Shizzlay check out that hot car!
by Salma January 25, 2004
1. Any ABCD, sic
2. What an ABCD is to a FOB, sic.
3. The choicest gum among FOBs.
4. Anything that is attractive to a FOB.
1. That kurriyay(girl) is Fobbylicious!
by Salma January 25, 2004
1. The first word in "Narmi Narmi Narmok" the alien song invented in the early 90's by Imran.
2. Also a planet inhabited by instigating older brothers. :P
Zeshan the monsters here, "Narmi Narmi Narmok."
by Salma January 25, 2004

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