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a very beautiful white flower. Sweet and soft.
There is no such thing as a flower as pretty as the Nargis flower.
by nargissi July 30, 2006
(n.) a rare, warm, soft, very sweet and tasty delicasy, encased in a slightly tough shell, (which can become softer and more tranlucent to the experienced connoisseur); to be desired, savoured and appreciated by those with a taste for fine things.
by David August 09, 2003
Colloquial term to describe New Zealanders and only New Zealanders that have sexual intercourse with sheep (sheep shaggers) or fantasize about the act. Also applies to those who wish to be on the receiving end of the animal.

Usage is centralised around the state of Victoria in Australia.
We have finally discovered the reason for the strange behaviour our sheep have been exhibiting, apparently a nargi has been sighted in the fields.
by JohnnyCroc January 31, 2010
a universal something or other capable of not only cooking stuff, not only being a remedy to all of your problems, but also a wonderful saddle for your pet camel/llama/oompaloompa hybrid
by Brandon August 31, 2003
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