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A neon party.
Dude, that nardy was off the hook.
by shannonjanetandtimwerehere October 10, 2011
5 0
High school (and sometimes college) boys who like sports, are generally huge assholes, get really drunk, say things like "damn son!", and are disrespectful to girls.
Typical nardy conversation:
Nardy 1: "Dude, I was so drunk last night!"
Nardy 2: "I know. I fucked insert random girl"
Nardy 1: "Damn son! Who was it?"
Nardy 2: "You know, just some bitch."

Typical girl conversation:
Girl 1: "Hey, I'm having a party tonight."
Girl 2: "Ew, can we not invite the nardies? I'm actually trying to have fun."
by daaaaaaaaaaana November 25, 2007
8 0
A nerd party. Not necessarily having a nerdy theme, but consisting of ALL non-popular or nerdy people.
Fuck the popular kids, lets throw a Nardy.
by Em-Dawg April 15, 2012
1 3
Owns unk.
Nardy just owned unk.
by Not Nardy April 06, 2003
14 26