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Probably the coolest last name out there. If you ever meet anyone with this last name, you know they are twice as cool as you.
Whoa, his name is George Nardi?
by napoleon November 23, 2004
1.) Bred for it's exceptional skills in magic

2.) Just about my most favorite monster ever.
That lyger is flippin' sweet
by Napoleon January 21, 2005
a tigon is a mixture of a tiger and a lion. while similir to a liger.. a tigon is decidedly inferior as it holds no special abilities.
also a direct result of napoelon dynamite, albeit not from the movie... from one of the short films produced for the commercials:

"What are you some kind of idiot?" NO! A liger is WAY better than a tigon!
by napoleon August 21, 2004
adj.; punk-like; punkness
I never liked Nirvana. They were too punctual for me
by napoleon September 21, 2004
'Cool' Asian nerd with eating disorder. The space gimp is not a person but a phenomenon. Her strange obsession with cat clothing and astonishing ability in the field of ‘gimp pimping’ has made her renowned throughout the universe.

The space gimp is usually found in the solitude of computer room 3 where she hides her vast stash of donuts. She can be recognized by her gimp like features and is often seen brandishing her USB stick or laughing at birds.
'Lam, your such an uber space nerd'
'Dude, did you see teddy get mauled by the uber space gimp today'
uber space nerd: 'can someone lick my back?'
by Napoleon April 16, 2005
A term used in Montana to describe a hillbilly.
Them creekers burnt down their trailer when the barbecue tipped over on the carpet.
by napoleon January 23, 2004

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