1) testicles
2)big waves, surfer slang- derives from gnarly
1) Wading in the virgin river in Zion Nat. Park, Mr. T said "boys, im up to my nar-nars!"

2) Surfer 1: Dude look at those nar-nars!
Surfer 2: Brah, i know! those are some pretty sweet waves!
Tourist: Shut up or i'll kick you in the nar-nars

by Corey Griffin Sobotka December 10, 2007
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Shortened modernized version of narly typically used by stoners.
Dude that shit is nar nar.
by Puffy January 16, 2004
same as blah blah blah...
You're talking, but all I hear is narnar...
by AlstoPace November 10, 2006
When something is too intense to just describe it as "gnarly"
Dude! I wanna grow a nar-nar beard!!!

Last night I went to a nar-nar A Day to Remember concert!!!
by BigAndyEz March 01, 2011
Short for gnarly.
I got food poisoned and hurled chunks.....it was nar nar.
by claygi September 14, 2008
A word that means whatever the speaker wants it to mean at that particular moment.
My brother was being such a nar-nar today.
by Contrecoup March 26, 2005
A slang word for tapir shit which is a rare and supper strong drug taken in many ways
Dude, I just hit the nar nar just right and I'm trippin major balls
by SpongeBob420 April 18, 2014
The name to be given to a friend, or member of a group, who behaves like a mentally challenged individual
Did you see him get drunk and run into a wall? What a nar-nar!
by mintylm October 23, 2009

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