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Shortened modernized version of narly typically used by stoners.
Dude that shit is nar nar.
by Puffy January 16, 2004
A pig. A guy who wants more then what he needs and who dosen't "fly straight" anymore.
El Gordo has more cash than anyone in this place. He is a real hassa!
by puffy October 24, 2004
A makeshift cannon for shooting potatoes, usually made from PVC pipe. The two major varieties are pneumatic guns, which rely on compressed air, and combustion guns, in which a flammable chemical such as hair spray is ignited.
Guy at the hardware store: "I love shooting spud guns, just be careful not to blow a hole through your liver".
by puffy October 20, 2004
slang for "something"; coined by PuffTheMagicDragon biotch
I have suttin to tell you
by Puffy July 31, 2003
Pet name given to Eminem by none other than the great Snoop Dogg.
That shizzle was off the hizzle, Eminizzle!
by Puffy January 16, 2004
Sloppy character of Heat fame (Robert Deniro, Al Pacino) who participates in the first action scene of the movie, involving the immobilization and robbery of an armored truck, and later escapes his attempted murder to come back and plague the crew until he is eventually found and executed.
Michael Churrito : What's your name?
Waingro : Waingrow!!
by Puffy January 16, 2004
House, residence, pad, etc. Also see crib.
Lets grab some beers and cruise back to da nest.
by Puffy January 14, 2004

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