Narnar is a shorter cooler version of gnarly it's quite possibly the coolest adjective in the history of ever! Especial because its Morgan & Sophia's word :P
cupcakes are hella narnar.
by sex mitten March 01, 2008
Nasty and repulsive. Disgusting or dirty.
Example 1:
Larry: What are you eating?
Kyle: A burrito I found on the floor in your car.
Larry: Dude that's nar nar, that burrito was from 2 weeks ago!

Example 2:
Girl 1: Look Girl, here comes your man Kevin.
Girl 2: Ewe don't even play like that. Kevin is straight nar nar!
by Guy1620 August 03, 2013
1) testicles
2)big waves, surfer slang- derives from gnarly
1) Wading in the virgin river in Zion Nat. Park, Mr. T said "boys, im up to my nar-nars!"

2) Surfer 1: Dude look at those nar-nars!
Surfer 2: Brah, i know! those are some pretty sweet waves!
Tourist: Shut up or i'll kick you in the nar-nars

by Corey Griffin Sobotka December 10, 2007
Northern California slang (Marin County and beyond) for "retarded"--either literally or something just awkward and stupid.
Dude, that assembly today was nar nar. The guest speaker was such a nar nar.
by Ekkthroi March 19, 2009
A Stupid Retarded Mythical Creature.
The Dragon is such a Nar Nar.
by Karen Gonzalez August 13, 2011
epic maggs going off on any given day fa sha
pretty sick!!!
Dude, I just totally just got a frothy shack on that last set. It was soooo nar nar
by Jefferson Franklin May 14, 2008
Nar Nar is a temporary embodiment of one who is mentally handicapped. It can be brought on by drugs, caffeine, distorted eyeglasses or a general state of giddiness. Upon embodying this mindset, one may feel the urge to scream "Nar Nar!"
Sasha was in complete Nar Nar mode last night when she grunted at a complete stranger.
by Emily Thrilson December 03, 2007

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