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Actually, "Nanook of the North" is not a fictional work of literature. It is a real movie made in 1922, cited as the first full-length documentary.
I watched a real movie today, called "Nanook of the North".
by Fool "Dürty Sànchéz" Otto March 27, 2005
a polar bear, mainly used as the mascot of University of Alaska Fairbanks hockey team
Go Nanooks!
I hope the Nanooks win this game.
by The Arctic Pair September 16, 2006
Alaskan Fisherman or Whale Blubber Hunter. See also "Alaskan Trim Barricooter Attacker".
Matt Tucker the Nanook, is out hunting Whale Blubber.
by Sonny Spoon March 02, 2005
Often referring to or about "Nanook of the North" a fictional character in some fictional work of literature or other media. Also a dog's name.
My dog's name is "Nanook" (of the North)
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