(adj) a descriptive term indicating smallness of size
Large dogs were once popular, but now it is fashionable to carry a nano-dog around in your purse.
by dp March 15, 2005
Top Definition
An exclamation used in response to an absurdly nerdy comment or action.

Taken from the latin "nanostus" to the middle-english "nanost".
Iain: "HEY Eric, i'm gonna wardrive to the LAN, it's gonna be stuponfucious"

Eric: NANO nano, beep beep, dual-monitors!
by Stampy October 16, 2004
Ecuadorian word for brother, friend. Used by ecuadorians

Wutz up ñaño?

Wut happened ñaño
by snake14 February 01, 2008
Filipino slang words of "short". Doesn't define either short, shorter or shortest. And is abused by Filipinos.
Nano lagi na ang imong amigo? (Why your friend's too short?)
by qwerty000999 August 13, 2010
A Language used when friends are together to indicate if it's alright to make a move on a girl.
Boy 1: Yesyos Nanos

Boy2: (Puts arm around girl)
by johnnysoaresrex August 06, 2009
Hate to break it to you man, but nano is 1x10-9. 1x10-6 is micro. Like your IQ.
10 angstroms equals 1 nanometer
by Geekboy9 October 18, 2004
A family of circles with two dashes for eyes and a dash for a mouth. Little nano, tall nano, and petite nano are all a part of this family. Commonly accepted in college campuses and symbolic of one's love for a gigapet.

- -
- now imagine a circle around that and that's a nano.

NHON situation - Nanos Helping Other Nanos
Nano Prank! - Playing jokes on other nanos like jumping out from behind a bed or telling another nano about a segway tour that doesn't exist

Nano Songs:
nano nano nano i made you out of clay and when you're dry and ready the nano i shall play
oh im a little nano petite and small here is my emma sitting in her stall when I get all scared up I jsut shout TALL NANO GET THE FUCK OUT!

Most fertile nanos: BCN, or bcup nano, who has boobs and looks like a nano on wheels
VMN, or visiting male nano, who visits from another county and reproduces with BCN through the nose.

Can also be known as nayn.

Look at those nanos, they are very beautiful

NANO! NHON situation nanos!
by pianocake April 29, 2008
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