Nancy is a beautiful girl both in and out. She is extremely smart but hates showing it off so she will always hide her grades. She has the most amazing eyes and a smile that is contagious and addicting. Her shyness is what makes her attractive. The way she talks is the cutest thing you will ever hear. When she walks down the school hallways her light brown hair flows and smells like the best shampoo in the world. She says hi to everyone in the hallways and always says their names. She has an amazing body because she's in cross country. She walks with confidence and only gets embarrased every once in a while. She hates arguments because she belives that life is too short to argue. Her friends have been there all along. Her music choice is the best. She always wears jeans and a tshirt she also wears really cool belts with either converse or flip flops as her shoes. Every now and then she'll wear a skirt or a dress and I just want to kiss her cause then I realize how beautiful she looks. At times she sings songs so I've heard because I've never heard her sing. I see her when she comes down the stars in first period and when she goes down A hall upstairs on her way to fourth period. And then one more time after her sixth period which is her math class. I will one day tell her all of this.
Nancy, beautiful, cutest thing, amazing body, cross country, jeans, tshirt, converse, flip flops, kiss. math
by summerworkout May 13, 2010
Top Definition
nancy is a beautiful, amazing, awesome kid.
she's bootylicious and funky fresh.
she's a perfect ten and the most amazing person you will EVER meet. everyone who meets her loves her very very much.
nancy is pretty much the sex.
did you see that girl, she was a total nancy!

(boy sees hot girl)
by Urk April 07, 2008
A vibrant girl with a zest for living life to its fullest. Nancy has the smarts and the looks to make every man fall in love with her without any flirtation. Any guy would be lucky to date a Nancy. She is everything. Adventurous, outgoing, energetic, intelligent, funny, artsy, studious, free-spirited, lively, kind-hearted, generous, enthusiastic, friendly, and loving - all the while staying modest and humble. She becomes uncomfortable when receiving compliments and never boasts about her talents.

Nancy is just naturally attractive and doesn't use makeup to make herself look beautiful. Her style is fresh, comfortable, and gorgeous. Not an athlete - but athletic. Not a voluptuous babe - but sexy in her own way. Unafraid to venture out and try anything, she'll have you doing things you wouldn't have thought of doing before and you'll love every second of it. She gives meaning to life and life to the meaningless. You'll find yourself becoming more and more addicted to her presence. You'll ache every minute she's not with you and she'll pretty much occupy all the space in your head every second of every day. Nancy's smile is gold and her laughter is magic.

There is no one else quite like Nancy.
I'll never forget that Nancy.

She is a treasure.

I am so f*cking in love with her.
by leGars July 23, 2010
(n): Mocking term for a man engaging in feminine activities or otherwise compromising his masculinity.
Come on Nancy, you've been getting ready for an hour. We're late for the game.
by sKratch August 08, 2004
A rare beauty, who is extremely smart, and has a love for life. The definition of a Great lover. She is an amazing and beautiful girl. Men easily fall for her. She has astounding sex appeal by nature. She has gorgeous green eyes and a breath taking smile! She is fun, random, and sweet. You may find yourself addicted!
If you have the fortune of falling in love with a Nancy, your life will be forever fulfilled.
Damn that girls a Nancy!
by jitterbug11002 February 05, 2010
The Coolest of the Cools!
The Coolios!
That Person is so Nancy !
The Nancy of the group
by azngamer99 August 27, 2008
Will tell you what you need to hear and not what you want to hear. Very opinianated.
Ask Nancy, she'll tell you what she thinks.
by yababe February 11, 2010
The most amazing girl you'll ever meet. Guys would die for her, and they easily fall for her. She's hotter than the sun! Sweeter than sugar. Cooler than Ice. She's very smart and cute. She has a drop dead gorgeous smile. Breath Taking eyes. She's like a drug, you'd become addicted to her! If you fall in love her you won't be able to stop. Overall, she's sweet fun, beautiful, and amazing
"Who is that??"
"I don't know but she looks like a Nancy"
by Sweet Pea(: February 18, 2010

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