Nancy is a beautiful girl both in and out. She is extremely smart but hates showing it off so she will always hide her grades. She has the most amazing eyes and a smile that is contagious and addicting. Her shyness is what makes her attractive. The way she talks is the cutest thing you will ever hear. When she walks down the school hallways her light brown hair flows and smells like the best shampoo in the world. She says hi to everyone in the hallways and always says their names. She has an amazing body because she's in cross country. She walks with confidence and only gets embarrased every once in a while. She hates arguments because she belives that life is too short to argue. Her friends have been there all along. Her music choice is the best. She always wears jeans and a tshirt she also wears really cool belts with either converse or flip flops as her shoes. Every now and then she'll wear a skirt or a dress and I just want to kiss her cause then I realize how beautiful she looks. At times she sings songs so I've heard because I've never heard her sing. I see her when she comes down the stars in first period and when she goes down A hall upstairs on her way to fourth period. And then one more time after her sixth period which is her math class. I will one day tell her all of this.
Nancy, beautiful, cutest thing, amazing body, cross country, jeans, tshirt, converse, flip flops, kiss. math
by summerworkout May 13, 2010
An amazingly addictive and beautiful girl. Her favourite colours are Red, Black, and Blue. She loves lily's. especially blue ones. Normally has amazing beautiful brown eyes. And luscious long brown hair. She has an amazing smile that is extremely addictive, and is very easy to get along with. She talks a lot but can be a lil shy. Has a lot of boundaries, but if you work hard enough to get passed them, you'll find it's completely worth it. A great girlfriend, though she believes she sucks at relationships. Amazing in and out of bed. She's a sex godess!

A great person to hang out with. You'll enjoy every minute you spend with her, and when you aren't hanging out with her, you'll look for a reason to. She is that amazing! I'm lucky to know her. And i love her with all my heart.

Mi Ángel. Te amo con todo mi corazon! Para siempre y siempre!
Hung out with Nancy today, that girl is f'ckin amazing. Can't wait to see her tomorrow.
by js_twigz May 23, 2010
Nancy is quite possibly the funniest most charming girl I know. Nancy brings tears of laughter and joy to your eyes but will always be there to wipe away your sad tears. She will hold your hand through anything. Nancy is gorgeous, unique, hilarious, intelligent and she's one of the greatest friend anyone can have!
Girl 1: Who's you best friend?
Girl 2: Oh no question it's Nancy! She's hilarious!
by Leebyres September 25, 2011
The Sexiest Bitch!!
shes such a nancy
by 100%me101 January 08, 2011
A hot ass girl with a nice ass booty. A perfect ten from her looks to her clothes to her personality to her intelligence to her taste in music to her moves in bed.

You won't ever forget her and you'll think about her mostly at night.
Boy: "Dammnnn look at that ass on Nancy"

Boy: "You see Nancy? She's fucking hot!"
by liliepop February 13, 2013
Commonly associated with being involved with Max's as they are both as some people, great lovers and live life to the fullest
Did you see Max and Nancy, they're so cute
by epicyetiz March 20, 2015
An ugly bitch who looks like a straight dude in the face, with big ass hands that look like they could split timbers. And who's shoe size is "to be continued." Who is a hater on pretty girls, especially girls named Lana, because she looks like a wash rag and her pussy looks like an alley cat. She's got more ass on her stomach than on her actual ass, and her face makes her look like she belongs in the zoo with the Orangutans. She needs to be buried 6 feet under.
"Yo I picked up a chick last night. She looked like Bubbles in the face, and her pussy got more miles on it than a 1993 Volvo 240. Her name must have been Nancy.
"That bitch is such a Nancy. Omg. Ugly as fuck, but stays hating all of the pretty girls. Her ass is literally on her stomach. So if she broke her back, the bitch would be sitting."
by LanaSlays February 02, 2015

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