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1. disagreeable; unpleasent;
2. crass; cheaply vulgar; tasteless; crude
3. junk; ugly; unappealing
4. mean; cruel (said of one's treatment of another)
The exact origin of this word's usage are unknown but contemporarily has been used inHawaii's gay and mahu (Transgender) community for the past 30 or so years.
1. Mary, the flowers at this wedding are so NAILS! Yellow, mauve, and brown?
2. Girl, look her Miss USA's evening gown. Yuck, so NAILS!
3. No, I don't feel like eating there again their food is NAILS!
4. Damn I got detention. My teacher is no NAILS
by monoiki January 18, 2008
Homosexual term originating in Hawaii for describing something unpleasant, ugly, mean, etc.
Happy Birthday, Mary. How does it feel to be an old queen now?

Response: Gurl, you're nails! In eleven days I'm draggin' you down with me!
by DD Lovey September 12, 2005
Cigarette company from the Kevin Smithmovies i.e. Dogma Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.
Got nails, hard taste unfiltered.
by my namez May 21, 2008
Yo man let me get one of those nails dude
by keith August 09, 2003
North American Industrial Lager, mountain piss.
I only got enough for NAIL.
by Fryer May 06, 2003
A more suitable short-form for the band Nine Inch Nails than to just read the logo 'NIN' though as not to be aware of the letters standing for anything.
I'm going to the Nails concert tomorrow.
by The Jayson July 19, 2009
(Noun) One who repeatedly gets hammered
"Drunk again? You're such a nail!"
by Merry-um Winthrop March 16, 2004