Top Definition
1) slang: an interesting woman
2) slang: a woman who deals well with beefas
never a dull moment with a naida! yo beefa that naida just slammed u!!
by gargatrocious April 21, 2008
A girl who speaks her mind, she is very beautiful and sexy she also has amazing eyes, killer boobs and a nice booty, and she can work it. She is usually fiesty and it is usually her way or the highway, but she is the biggest sweetheart. Loves all living things, she is very Inteligent don't under estimate her. Naida's are usually known as bad bitches and get what they want.
Damn thats one Naida bad bitch
Did you see the boobs on that Naida?
That girl is so Naida beautiful
by Boston boy1 July 24, 2012
A crazy-ass bitch with great boobs and a amazing ass.
I totally fucked a Naida last night, she had amazing tits
by BTong July 05, 2010
Finnish word that litterally translates to: "fuck"
Oi, naida!
by Ulfbehrt November 24, 2013
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