A puzzle from Wheel of Fortune, from the category "People who annoy you." When incorrectly solved, may result in the kissing of Jesse Jackson's ass, or worse, being assaulted by a group of redneck's that hate "nigger-guys"
Contestant: I know it but I dont think I should say it
Pat: 5 seconds
Contestant: I'd like to solve the puzzle....NIGGER!
Pat: Sorry, we were looking for nagger....
Crowd: Ooooohhhhh......
by Dave Zelinsky April 07, 2007
1.a less racist way to say nigger
2.some one who nags alot
look at dat stupid nagger
boy my wife nags me alot she must be a nagger
by youareanagger April 27, 2006
noun This is a six letter word for people you hate.
As he tuged on my shirt this nagger wouldn't leave me alone beacause I put manoise on his sandwich.
by Mc Cream Dream October 30, 2007
a word used to desribe dumb black idiots
i gonna shoot that nagger!
by Pontius April 03, 2005
Someone who annoys you.
Wow that black person is really a Nagger.
by BIG 80085 March 09, 2010
1) a more discrete term for those of the African-American race
2) One who nags
1) There's lots of naggers in this town.
2) I hate hanging out with Ray, he's such a nagger
by rebecca black890 August 14, 2011
A black person who does not want to be called the offensive N word
That nagger over there looks lonely.
by Mexiiiiiiiiiiican September 15, 2010

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