White Boy Slang for Nigger or a Black person
Richard: Why are those naggers just sitting there?

Joe: Richard you are such a white boy.
by Mitchdeeezi March 26, 2009
People who complain too much and annoy you.
Janese is a nagger because she nags and complains.
by Bailey13th December 13, 2011
Someone who hates niggers.
You are such a nagger!!! Ha I love it though
by REDNECKchickforLIFE June 19, 2011
1. What the southerners call any animal of any kind
random person: omg look at that fish!
other random person: get dat nagger!!
by Jahbooty July 29, 2011
a deagatory term to a black man.often used by white boys from allen d.nease high school when talking to black kids.Caution you must get permisson or youll get a ball sack in your face!
black kid-hey guys

white kid-look at that nagger! he should makes us food and pick us some cotton!
by Kyle Pagel October 09, 2008
the less racist word for "n*gger"

basically, only white people seem to use this word because they do not want to get their ass kicked when they use the word "n*gger" to explian f**king black people
"remember the nagger in the jetsons cartoon?"
"isn't the future f**king awesome?!"
by me November 14, 2004
A spouse or significant other. Comes from the fact that they love to ride your back and never ever ever stop. God what a whipping... what a beatdown. And people wonder why half of the world cheats.?
With all the items on the honey-do list, Steve contemplated feeding his nagger arsenic.
by Leif February 18, 2005

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