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Northern-Irish pronounciation of nigger
Lark at thays naggas carmen othur fraam angland.
by Gumba Gumba May 20, 2004
In Indian Mythology: A Mythical Serpent Being, Who lives under the Sea.
However the term, "Nagga", does comprise All Serpentine Beings, including but not limited to:
Pythons and Cobras (Mostly), (Sometimes Dragons as well.).
Naggas have; only one Tail, and are not Bi-Peds.
"Nagga's stole My Bike!".
by Shadow-Wolf July 01, 2009
Another word for or pronunciation of Nigga used in the D.C. area. It's often put at the ends of sentences. The first part of the word is pronounced and the second rarely is.
Get the hell up out my room... nagga
by Joshua X May 20, 2008
I wanna be nigga... a nagga
why you frontin' yo? wanting to be a nigga, bitch... you's a nagga.
by Escaladedude July 28, 2003
the socially acceptable way to say the "N" word without upsetting anyone
White guy: Ayo what's gucci mi nagga
Black guy: what did you just say fool?
White guy: don't hit me plz, I said nagga
Black guy: nvm u aight then lol
by Not Actually Putin April 26, 2016
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