The North American Free Trade Agreement.

This treaty along with the WTO singlehandedly screwed over the working class of America and all of Mexico. Because of NAFTA, you can buy cheap, low-quality goods at Wal-mart that were made at the expense of many small businesses in the USA and the poor of the world. But, as a plus, rich white suburbia comes out on top! God Bless America....
Boy: Hey Grandpa, didn't you used to own a shop downtown?
Grandpa: Yes I did, son, but that was before the days of NAFTA... now I can't afford to have my shop, and I'm forced to work as a greeter at Wal-Mart, the only business in town.
by truthfully March 22, 2007
This treaty promotes trade between the north american countries. Some corporations use this treaty to export costly manufacturing plants to Mexico where produciton costs are cheaper and regulation is more lax. This translates into cheaper goods for consumers and more profit for stockholders.
Joe: Nice kicks, bob
Bob: Thanks, i got them for 40 bucks.
Joe: Hey i thought those sneakers were twice the price last month!
Bob: Yeah, NAFTA really saved my ass on that one.
by Russ March 07, 2005
When a guy allows his girl to fuck him in the ass with a dildo in exchange for permission to fuck her in her ass.
The only way you're going to stick your dick in my ass is if you go NAFTA.
by Boycat January 15, 2010
Based on the North American Free Trade Agreement which involves Canada, The United States and Mexico. The "urban" definition of NAFTA involves a devil's threesome with a Canadian Male, American Female and Mexican Male. Otherwise known as a "Free Trade Spit Roast."
She is definitely down for some NAFTA
by CanadianBaconlul April 18, 2013
A free trade deal that is sending our jobs south! This is Clinton's real mistake, he did so many other good things! WHY DID HE HAVE TO DO THIS? All the jobs it created are low paying. It's a backdoor union busting scheme too! It makes outsourcing easier, and kills small towns. It also allows illegal aliens, in the KKK's attempts to disenfranchize black workers.
Thanks to NAFTA, we have lost over 500,000 jobs and small towns are dying out!
by Catholiccommunist April 09, 2006
A person from south of the border.
That lowrider just cut me off....Godamn "NAFTAs"!
by Peter October 29, 2003
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