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1. the act of intercourse with an individual with whom one has no particualr interest past the intercourse itself, often times the "nads-er" forgetting the correct name of the given "nads-ee."

2. the act of intercourse under the influence of another worldly mechanism or substance, e.g. fantasy football or crack.

3. the act of intercourse minus any deeper feeling of connection, often referred to as a "one night stand."
1. dude i was sooo gone i met this chick at the chicken and waffle place and she gave me the BEST NADSZ of my life. i might meet her there again wednesday?

2. dude i was setting my fantasy football lineup the other day and all of a sudden i'm nadszing this chick? i think her name was sierra....... or something
by Andrejando September 15, 2010
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