Cheese that is not owned by oneself
Dude: Hey! That's nacho cheese!
Guy: Sorry. You can have it back.
by Dan Chodos January 22, 2005
a really lame pun that will probably own you
what do you call someone else's cheese?

*gets kicked right in the face*
by X February 16, 2003
a mixture of semen and egg yolks made into a batter
My monkey throws pies of nasty nacho cheese at people all the time, there is no stopping him.
by Derpus January 23, 2012
-noun: a man/woman that is unanimously considered sexy, but that is off-limits for whatever reason. The forbidden fruit.
Girl 1: That dude is mad hot, girl!
Girl 2: Yea, my baby is nacho cheese!

Dude 1: Everybody wants a piece of my nacho cheese of a supermodel!
Dude 2: (To himself) I wish I had your cheese…
by paopao89 November 27, 2010
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