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-noun: a guy/girl that has a crush on someone and shows it but never does anything about it, just keeps his/her distance.
That guy is an asymptote because he likes me yet never intends to ask me on a date.
by paopao89 May 02, 2009
-noun: a classy woman who is considered to be untouchable & flawless. That woman who seems too good to be true. Gorgeous & beautiful, both inside & out. She’s the one a lucky man would take home, not to sleep with, but rather to meet his parents. The forbidden fruit for asymptotes. She does not & will not date just anyone, much less submit to any sexual favors. Antonym for nugget.
The caviar makes all men break their necks, at least twice.

Nuggets tremble at the sight of a caviar. They know they are no match for her.

Asymptotic dude: I think that caviar is just too perfect for me. Even if I decide to go back to college, earn a degree & end up rich, she will still never get with me.

Lucky dude: That’s the caviar I want my family to meet.
by paopao89 November 27, 2010
-noun: a male Nacho Cheese, but to the infinity power.
Girl 1: Hmmmm, that is one yummy-looking macho cheese!

Girl 2: He sure does taste good! Too bad he mine & NACHO cheese!

Naughty old lady: I’d tap that macho cheese!

Dominican girl 1: Vieja, pero ese jevo tuyo ta durisimo!
Dominican girl 2: Oh loka, pero ven aca! Y tu no ta viendo que ese es mi macho cheese? Osea, obvio que el tipo es un pinpoyo!
Dominican girl 1: Mierquina vieja... Ojala yo con un papi chulo asi como el!
by paopao89 November 27, 2010

1) The action of a creeper, stalker, pervert, etc., but taken to a much more intimate level.

2) An action between two people, usually a formal couple, friends with benefits, etc., where one tends to initialize the sexual mood/tension for the other person, or simply to turn someone on. It can be done physically (like caressing or fondling), verbally (like an innuendo), etc. It can occur anywhere at any time—neither time nor privacy is taken into consideration at times. Similar to foreplay.

3) Making something (phrase, object, action, etc) have a second, more sexual meaning.

Adapted from the Italian word "bruto", which means bestiality. In Italy, a bruto is colloquial for a person with a strong, “beast-like” sexual appetite.
1) Old candy man: I can give you something to suck on!
Young girl: Mommy, that old man is trying to brutalize me!

2) Dude: Now that I have you in my arms, I’m gonna tear off your clothes with my teeth & bite you till you can’t resist!
Girl: You wouldn't dare to brutalize me in this parking lot before I go to work now, would you?

3) Dude: I want you to grab my clutch hard & stay in control; my hands are sticky.

Girl: …You always have to brutalize things, don’t you?
Dude: Not my fault… I’m a bruto by nature! & so are you, for thinking dirty!
by paopao89 May 22, 2011
-noun: a man/woman that is unanimously considered sexy, but that is off-limits for whatever reason. The forbidden fruit.
Girl 1: That dude is mad hot, girl!
Girl 2: Yea, my baby is nacho cheese!

Dude 1: Everybody wants a piece of my nacho cheese of a supermodel!
Dude 2: (To himself) I wish I had your cheese…
by paopao89 November 27, 2010
-verb: slang for the friction that occurs during sexual intercourse or love-making. It could also be another word for sex or brutalization.
Let's wax the bald head tonight, baby.

That girl was waxing his bald head while they were brutalizing.
by paopao89 May 22, 2011
-noun: a low-class woman who has no self-respect, & is considered easy, slutty, dirty, ugly, etc. Synonym for chicken head.
Men nowadays like to go for a chicken nugget, rather than for some exquisite caviar.

That sophomore acts like she's a virgin, but she's a nugget on the low.

Homegirl is so ugly, she ain't got no choice but to be a nugget.

Dominican girl: Diantre loka, pero esa chamaquita es una maldita cuero!
Puerto Rican girl: Que si que nena, hasta le dicen nugget a esa bellaca!
by paopao89 November 27, 2010
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