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a mad chill person whose a boss, playa, or just a brownie.

One who gets muchachas like a monster.
Me: Yo wdup
Someone: Yo you got mad ladies last night son.
Me: Yeah, thats wassup
Someone: Damn son, your such a Nabil you crazy animal.
by King Henry VI November 03, 2007
421 142
A hot, sexy person with a great personality, a huge penis, and a pro in bed.
Wow, he is such a nabil.
by themanxxxxxxxx April 27, 2011
172 79
a boy's name of Arabic origin,means "noble, humble".

Nabil has 1 variant form: Nabeel.
hello Nabil !!! Haven't seen you around !!!

Do you know Nabil. He's such a nice guy.
by orgybutcher August 07, 2011
124 53
The sweetest guy on the planet, he really means well, even though he sometimes screws up. One of the best friends you would ever have. Love all the Nabil you can get!
Girl 1: You heard from Nabil?

Girl 2: Yeah he is coming here today!! He is so amazing isn't he?
by theballestkid April 08, 2012
64 26
the inner core of the ballsack
"Don't crush my nabil, it won't be a pleasure"
by Alex Cotosey January 09, 2012
34 89
a black ass motherfucking nig, who deals crack, and plays tenor.
Yo wassup nabil?
by invincibleanon October 09, 2011
32 112