An Australian Financial Institution. HQ in Melbourne. The largest bank by market capitalisation on the Australian Stock Exchange as of March 2006. Well known for its "Homicide" and trading scandals.
Aussie: I am going to NAB for a deposit

American: @$#%?
by Horng Wang April 02, 2006
Used to describe a woman who loves drama and sleeps with men even if she knows they have STDs. NAB stands for Nasty Ass Bitch. This type of girl is often refered to as a slut, whore, skank, etc. She loves to talk shit about everyone, even people she says are her "best friends." She tends to party too much and cannot handle her alcohol. NAB is usually used to describe any girl who is a two-faced bitch nasty whore.
Have you talked to NAB today?
Who is that?
Oh, that's what we call Amy now cause she's a Nasty Ass Bitch!
by haha...youknow January 19, 2011
NAB stands for: Nosey Ass Bitch
My neighbor is such a frickn NAB! She peeks through the cracks of our fence to see what we are doing. You can't even come home from the store without that NAB spying on us! One of these days I'm gonna freak that NAB out! When we need to give eachother a heads up because she's outside we say, oh NAB so she doesn't know we are on to her.
by Mustangannie July 06, 2009
Function (n.) - Abbreviation meaning "Negligible at Best" (the misuse of the word negligible to mean negligent in this context is deliberate). To be used when someone is being an unfavourable character, doing something unfavourable, or when someTHING is unfavourable.
"My final exams are coming up and I have a shit load to study, it's nab."
by JasonFasho January 19, 2009
a police officer; can be embellished to Nab Jones
better slow down, Nab Jones is parked on that side street
by Woody Thomas April 21, 2007
A talented girl who has many friends both girls and guys. She is called a "whore" most of the time for wrong choices. She likes to experiment with new ideas of love and loves to be wild and party. She is not afraid to make the first move, but then again she is not scared to punch everything out of you.
Oh that Nab, she made out with ANOTHER guy?
by nnn_888 March 01, 2011
Plural for Nab.

In a gaming environment a replacement for the word newb, newbie, or total retard in a given situation.
Thanks to these nabs, we lost yet another game.
by canthinkofname July 21, 2010

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