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A small packet of six butter sandwich crackers. The term origionally comes as an abbreviation of the company that initially produced them, Nabisco, but can be used to describe any snack similar to it.
Hey, Jethro, my stomach's growlin, hand me a pack of those nabs.
by Jimmy Myrick November 07, 2006
n.a.b. or noob ass bitch. Something you would say to someone who is being so noob, the term noob just no longer cuts it.
person 1: "Joe couldn't get past the first level on Super Mario Bros."

person 2: "What a effin nab."
by SupHome311 October 05, 2011
a way to say no in a comedic way
A: Dude your so bad
B: Na b im a bawss
by EPicSILON June 19, 2010
Acronym for a Non-Alcoholic Beer.
An ice cold NAB is the perfect refreshment when you've partied too hard the night before and need to appear social at an event.
by Adult Beverage September 14, 2011
Non alcoholic beer
Let's go get some NABs!
by Kahlesi June 22, 2014
niggas are black
P1: what are niggas?

P2: nab
by nab banking May 03, 2011
A talented girl who has many friends both girls and guys. She is called a "whore" most of the time for wrong choices. She likes to experiment with new ideas of love and loves to be wild and party. She is not afraid to make the first move, but then again she is not scared to punch everything out of you.
Oh that Nab, she made out with ANOTHER guy?
by nnn_888 March 01, 2011