a police officer; can be embellished to Nab Jones
better slow down, Nab Jones is parked on that side street
by Woody Thomas April 21, 2007
A talented girl who has many friends both girls and guys. She is called a "whore" most of the time for wrong choices. She likes to experiment with new ideas of love and loves to be wild and party. She is not afraid to make the first move, but then again she is not scared to punch everything out of you.
Oh that Nab, she made out with ANOTHER guy?
by nnn_888 March 01, 2011
Nasty-Ass Bitch
Em: Did you see that girl bagging our groceries?
Amber: Yeah, shes a real NAB.
by Emberly. February 07, 2010
1.when too much to drink just isnt enough.

2.intentions of being so drunk you cannot walk or see.
Cal: getting NAB the night?

Linzi: FUCK aye!
by Linzi Gallagher December 05, 2008
Hey that nigger is a fuckin NAB nigger ass bitch lol.
by Jim Bob harris September 12, 2009
kind of people that is nab,n00b loser etc.really used among games like : cs,MU,raven shield etc.
I always gets killed by those players
im such N.A.B.
by Dog2004 June 07, 2004
a koala bear with a special affinity for little people
Little person: Look at that nabs in the eucalyptus tree!

Nabs: Oh cool a little person way down there!
by anonymousjnjdfngijdnfipns;kdvn February 08, 2011

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