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note 2 self

to remind you
N2S: science homework, Neighbours on at 6:30

etc .
by radcoreCindy July 18, 2008
A place where a group of individuals gather in the backwoods of wilson all sharing a common bond and passion for motorbikes, dirt scooters, heem, cup and ball, beer, unusually large pinches of dip, and any other shenanigans that may occur
there really is no example of N2S you've either been there or you havent
by byeaaaaaaaaaap April 20, 2011
Not too sure - undecided
n2s what i'm doing all week
by NaFen July 09, 2007
An abbreviation for "Nothing to Say". It's used to show that you're speachless. Instead of shutting the hell up. You write it.
A : Hey, you're in deeepshit bro
B : Huh? Why? How? When? WHAT?
A : 00100 u jerk!
B : sdfu, wtf did I do 2 u?
A : You've been dateing my gf...
A : U'r dead cuz I'm gonna kua!
A : C'mon speak 4 yaself blondy
B : n2s
A : Off cource...

za fight goez on...
by MaNiC MoE June 23, 2007