A sexy beeyatch rebelling against "the Man" in uber-Conservative L4K3 05w390. My source of computer advice. A good person.
That thar N1x0r is pretty cool... He amuses me.
by gregoe March 02, 2004
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Teh l33t3st of teh l33t. Or, in other words, the most elite person there is. A person who uses 1337speak as a joke.
d00d, i h34r that teh n1ckz0r is t3h r0x0rz! lolololol!!!!1112
by l33t n1ckz0r March 01, 2004
A young man who is very elite, or in 1337 terms: 1337.

Very sexy, and crazy. He tends to drive a huge white minivan, smuggling mexicans and canadians across the border.

...not really with the whole smuggling part, but it made his VAN or otherwise known as the 1337
n1ckz0r = 1337.

**making the example bigger because it wouldn't except it**
by NightSonnett August 09, 2004

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