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Conservative suburban bubble found near Portland, Oregon. Home to an algae-filled "lake," 7-11, and Bob.

Notable events include weekly DC and other quasi-legal activities, Frisbee Monday/Wednesday at 7:17, and drinking. Lots of drinking.

Town closes at 9:00 nightly, except on weekends. Then it's 9:15.

Also known as LO, Lake BigEgo, Lake NoNegro, The Bubble.
I'm so excited to get out of Lake Oswego in mere weeks!
by gregoe July 21, 2004
A sexy beeyatch rebelling against "the Man" in uber-Conservative L4K3 05w390. My source of computer advice. A good person.
That thar N1x0r is pretty cool... He amuses me.
by gregoe March 02, 2004
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