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A former resort town just south of Portland, now a refuge of former yuppies and selfish, wealthy conservatives. Not unlike Pandora's Box, there is a glimmer of reason and truth amongst many of the residents. However, many of them leave for college and wish to never return. And if they do, it's just for the schools. Honest.

A place where tax money goes to bitching at business owners to match a strict color and size scheme for their signs, building colors, curbsides, and anything else that will drive most endeavors into the ground.

A place where Bob and 7-11 are one's only solace.

A place where if you spend over $30,000 on a car, you never have to worry about paying for speeding tickets or even getting pulled over since the most common job in town is being a lawyer.

A place where people call the cops if you leave your front door open for more than five minutes, assuming that terrorists are attacking the neighborhood.

A place that can breed such a cynical person as myself.
Man, Lake Oswego is like a painkiller-induced euphoria for the middle-aged wealthy population that is too fearful to live in Portland.
by l33t n1ckz0r August 09, 2004
Teh l33t3st of teh l33t. Or, in other words, the most elite person there is. A person who uses 1337speak as a joke.
d00d, i h34r that teh n1ckz0r is t3h r0x0rz! lolololol!!!!1112
by l33t n1ckz0r March 01, 2004

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