Unlike the asshatish common perception, n00d has nothing to do with n00b!
Stupid CS Kiddie: I hate girls especially when they're n00d!
by _insertnamehere_ April 04, 2005
Same thing as "n00dz"

Meaning: Nude pictures of a real person. Normally a girl.
so_not_a_pedo: Send me some n00ds.
so_not_a_good_target: okeizz!!11!!1 XD
by lmfaosmifc June 20, 2008
like p33t wentz's n00ds.
OMG did you see his n00ds?, When are Jewseph's n00ds coming out?
by itsaboardie. October 04, 2006
A CoD4/CoD5 Player who enters prestige mode and has his stats reset.
CoDFanboy1: Hey I finally reached prestige mode!!!!111

CoDFanboy2: Hahaha your a n00d now.
by Gregorio7000 April 13, 2009
A new player in an MMO who doesnt wear armor.
n00d is killed by level one forest rat.

Player: What a n00d!
by Markusmarkus April 08, 2007
Another way of saying n00b.
N00d: D0N'T 5CR3W W1TH M4 0R 1'll 1337 H4X04 J00
Guy: STFU you n00d before i bitch slap you
by bob July 30, 2003
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