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Unlike the asshatish common perception, n00d has nothing to do with n00b!
Stupid CS Kiddie: I hate girls especially when they're n00d!
by _insertnamehere_ April 04, 2005
A little Jew
Look at that jewlet hes so small
by _insertnamehere_ March 19, 2005
When a person is being silly, rude, sassy, and or makes a small mistake. Usually used after a person name.
*tickles the back of neck*
" OMG! Jacob, ya booty crinkle! you know I'm ticklish"!

"Dude! Brandon totally screen peeked that time! That booty crinkle better watch his sweet ass next time"!
by _INSERTNAMEHERE_ February 11, 2015
A butt cheek with two large round shaped warts at the bottom.
Ey puta why these tetas have a hole in between?
by _insertnamehere_ April 04, 2005
A big Jew
Wow look at that Jew hes so big
by _insertnamehere_ March 19, 2005
1. United Nations
2. The French
3. Michael Moore
4. The Presbyterian Church
That will be 5 bucks a shot, thank you sir, come again
by _insertnamehere_ April 04, 2005

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