A n00b is a game player with experience in whatever game they are playing, yet still conduct themselves with no respect for anyone else. Typically a n00b scams, irritates or in any other possible way makes life difficult for other plays. Different to a newb who is simply an inexperienced player.
Player 1: "Some n00b just scammed me!"
Player 2: "What is it with those new players anyway!? No respect!"
Player 1: "Not a newb, they're understandable, n00bs just have problems!"
by sassy kempter June 29, 2007
A n00b is a guy that, example in the game counter-strike , doesnt know how to plant the bomb.
n00b: guys help me out how do we plant the bomb!
l33t guy: you n00b!
by l33txorz October 03, 2006
a word only used by sci-fi/computer geeks. this word is used to put down someone through a computer game but ultimate geeks use this term in real life.
person1: oh look a train
train geek: no acctually thats a 123421456 Locamoitive, your such a n00b sometimes
by hawkstain September 07, 2006
A 1337 corruption of newbie (newb).

1. A new player to an online game that shows disregard for rules and regulations.
2. An offensive term that means a new player.

There is a difference between a newb (newbie) and a noob (n00b). A newb is a new player. A noob (n00b)is a new player that disregards rules.
(after getting Kill Stolen in games) "I'm reporting you n00b."
(after a new player begs for help or items) "I'm reporting you n00b."
(after a new player annoys a crowd or makes a racist or sexist remark) "I'm reporting you n00b." "Go away n00b."

by Seiichiro Watari April 12, 2006
133+ verision of the word noob meaning someone who is new w/ a particular game
joe:dude, i pwned some n00bs on WOW last night
by T.K May 09, 2008
A person who says n00b like this --- noob.
Guy 1: "You noob!"
Guy 2: "Ohh Guy 1 you just pwn3d Guy 3!"
Guy 3: "Shut up n00bs!"
by blitz94 aka spartan117 June 04, 2007
1. A computer idiot who thinks they're the best at what they do, but really suck.
2. Someone who is new at using computers.
Tom is such a n00b. He doesn't even know how to use the start menu!
by Crazy Man December 23, 2003
how to call someone a nob / knob in the online gaming world where words such as above are filtered (censored)(they come up as ****, like swear words)
person1: give me money you n00b

person2: no

person1: **** you, you n00b
by A D August 13, 2007

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