I have been reading lyke all this negative stuff about myspace and lyke everything people are saying is tru. it is full of "emo", "scene", and "Hardcore" people trying to get more friends to look cooler. and all the nasty chicks out there showing skin to get looks from guys are obviously slutty and nasty and have a problem with their self-esteem.

And The picture thing. Everyone is always talkin about how there new myspace picture is so great and that everyone should go and comment it. I mean dang, i think it is gay. Just one bulliten saying that you got a new picture will do it thanks. and your real friends who actually matter will probably already commented it before you even posted a bulliten about it.

The people on it. There are many emo boys that are mean; and think they are hott shit. Most of the chicks are either underage, nasty, or labled. they don't lyke being labeled but they KNOW that they are. EVERYONE has a label. Just don't label yourself. You kan't just be a nobody. damn.

Also they way people type and spell on here. I LOATHE when people TyPe LyKe ThIs. It just pisses me off. but even more is when th3y t!p3 L!|< 3 th@t. it is rather unappealing and anoying. and to get this out...you spell rock lyke that, not rawk. and it's not rox either. If your display name is sk8er chick then please die. you are prolly in love with the used, mcr, greenday, and all that shit. and the phrase, "it rox my sox" is overused, and overly anoying!

Just a few things most likley on people's myspace pages:

1)they all hate drama and fake people
2)they skateboard
3)this profile was edited with Thomas' myspace editor
4)they like greenday, good charlotte, and shit lyke that.
5)they goto shows
6)there prolly at the disco
7)has Tom as their friend
8)have a music video playing on their page(which no one actually watches)
9)your computer is more likely to freeze when log on people's pages if you have an older model due to the over-decoration
omfg i haven't been able to check my myspace in a whole day!
by Kaysee April 10, 2006
The ultimate hook up place for emo high schoolers.
OH EMM GEE! I saw your pic on myspace. Wanna have sex?
by Shomo February 19, 2005
A place where you can find every single Brick Kid t hat has, or ever will exist.
That girls from Brick, lets look her up on My Space!
by Miseri December 21, 2004
all these people talk about myspace being all about stalkers and girls to act slutty but not all people on myspace are doing that. The very people downtalking it are the people who are social outcasts and hate people who have friends. I personally use myspace but its not something that ive become addicted to. Its just a way to talk and interact with friends. And now myspace is becoming so mainstream. Its been around for a long time and just now are telivision stations and radio shows starting to spoof it and talk about how dangerous it can be for teens to get abducted and raped. So dont knock myspace untill youve tried it for a decent while dont start a page and then quit quickly because its too "stupid" for you
Myspace is mad sweet,"did you see the pic of me and you at the party."
by flipo November 15, 2005
A website that might be fairly decent if the following were removed:

1. 12 year olds pretending to be 16
2. 12 year old camwhores
3. Kids pretending to be emo
4. Crappy music that starts automatically when you open the page
5. 50 year old pedophiles
6. Profiles that crash your computer by using 50 million animated flashing things saying stuff like "princess", "bad girl", etc.
7. Z0mg s33 my n3w p1cs plzzzzz!!!!!!!
8. Stupid emo quotes under the pictures of half naked 13 year olds
9. 0mfg 1 g0t m0r3 fr13ndz than u!!!!!!!
10. Girls that act like sluts, emos, cheerleaders etc.
11. Middle aged people that think they're being "hip"
1. That 16 year old doesn't look 16 years old...
2. That 12 year old camwhore took a weird angled picture of herself in a bikini.
3. That wannabe emo kid made his whole profile page black and droned on and on about how life sucks
4. Wtf? I didn't wanna hear that crappy music!
5. "Ohhhhhh! That 13 year old boy is so hot!", drooled the creepy old pedophile.
6. This idiot crashed my computer by elaborately telling us that she's a princess.
7. Z0mg s33 my n3w p1cs plzzzzz!!!!!!! *translation* Oh my god! Please look at my new pictures that I posted on my MySpace profile.
8. *Picture of a little kid in a bikini*

"What's the point of happiness it's pursuit makes you sad?

9. 0mfg 1 g0t m0r3 fr13ndz than u!!!!!!! *translation* Oh my fucking god! I have more friends on myspace than you do.
10. Wow, this fat girl is trying too hard to convince people that she's a cheerleader.
11. *old grandpa voice* "Oh hot diggity! I'm just like the youngins, and I can stalk 13 year old boys too! *dentures fall out of his mouth*
by 56 year old pedophle May 21, 2009
The place where cool people like Moby likes to hang out.
-Man did you see his myspace?
-Yeah dude it was pretty suck!
by bitchslap May 11, 2006
In the words of Eleventyseven: "Tell me all about yourself. Tell me all about your favorite bands and how they're super, indie, neo, hardcore. Tell me all about your favorite hobbies and the way you love sunsets. Well who doesn't? Still I'd like the chance to really see if what you say is true and has integrity. Cuz I could know everything about you and still know nothing at all. I know that it's wrong to form an opinion on only what I see, but in my defense it's really hard to know when MySpace is the only thing that you ever show. So it seems you've got a lot of friends. How many of them know you or even care if you're alive or dead? When was the last time you were honest instead of posting blogs of fake emotions? When you finally resurface to the point of finding purpose, we'll begin to see just who you are."
MySpace is a social networking website started by Tom.
by MusicianChick June 08, 2006
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