myspace is an amazing website where ANYONE can find sombody to talk to also 75% of the girls on there are whores rocks
by mike hunt February 16, 2005
a website that takes over your life...its awesome!
"omg did you comment back?"
"of course"

"hey myspace!"
"...oh hey"
by l*nuck April 22, 2005
the coolest, best site ever invented and honestly, if u dont tink so it means that u opened an account and just didnt no wat to do and got no friends and had a shitty ass profile.. or ur parents wont let u have one.
girl one: i love myspace!
girl two: myspace is for shallow ppl
gril one: u say that cz u suck!
by jeezy510 June 03, 2006
The ghost town of the internet, once the largest social media site , now completely destroyed by websites like Facebook and Twitter. It is becoming forgotten quickly, almost as quickly as all of the crimes Justin Bieber has committed.
Oh my God, girl, you are so much fun. You should totally add me on Facebook.

Facebook? I have a Myspace account.

Myspace? Wtf is a myspace?
by Mr. Winter October 01, 2014

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