A place on the internet where you can meet other individuals who share your same interest. A great place to network, exspecially in the music business.
"I met some one on My Space who did thier own radio show and I got my DJs booked on the radio"
by Chelsea Carrington October 27, 2005
An e-community where Long Island picture whores (but from all over the world) can get together online and have a huge conformist party. On myspace, people are rated on popularity by having the most my space "friends". 59% of people having myspace accounts either have no real friends, or have questioned their sexuality.
"Yo man, we are having a myspace party tonight, you down?"
"No fag, fuck off. While you are having sex with your hand, I'm going to get bloody high and bury my face girlfriends bush."

"OH! MY! GOD! I've seen you on myspace!"
"Bitch sit down, I'm straight."

"I have 43 myspace friends and its only my first week!"
"Whore nobody cares, go out and drive your moms S-class and find some real friends."
by Jamesthe3rd June 20, 2006
As of July 1, 2005, The My Space Website is the 4th mosted visited site on the Web with over 5 million users. It's a great place to meet people, share pictures, and have fun conversations.
Tijuanero's my space page is the funniest.
by Paisa July 01, 2005
A place where rebels go to meet more rebels.
Whoa, I like your piercings. Now what's your stand on the system?
by Matt I April 24, 2005
The site for emos by emos.
A digital world in which tossers come together and engage in an illusion of friendship.
Any information you put on MySpace can and will be used by hackers for the purpose of digital footprinting in order to learn as much about you as possible so that they can launch a spear-phishing attack against you.
They say MySpace can do terrible things to a mind; it can wipe away your thoughts and destroy your very identity.
by molecule802.11 April 05, 2009
A website where people with small attention spans can spend hours looking at pictures of other people who have equally small attention spans. Also a good place to go if you don't have a real life and you need to feel popular on a website.

Myspace consists of:

-5% Normal people with no lives.
-10% Teenage Girls
-85% Creepy 40 year olds who want to have sex with said teenage girls.(There are at least 30,000 sex offenders on myspace and that number is growing quickly.)

Teenage Girl: Oh I met this nice guy on myspace and we're meeting at the park!

(An hour later at the park)

Teenage Girl: You don't look anything like your picture!

Creepy 40 Year Old: Shut up and get in the van.
by FannyFondler August 05, 2007
One of the coolest places on the web ;)An online community in wich you can meet thousandas of people from all over the world. It lets you create and fully customize your profile page, and even IM and create blogs.
Aren't you that punk girl in "my friends" from My Space?!

by rafarafa July 14, 2005

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