adj. Of or relating to one's life
n. One's life
A: Hey your myspace sucks
B: I think im going to delete it
A (again): Please don't...
by Chris18 January 18, 2007
worse/better than crack cocaine, depending on how you look at it.
I can't get off myspace!! ahhh! I need myspacers anonymous
by kdsjfa April 22, 2006
A website made for sex-craved teenagers who have nothing more to do than cyber-fuck someone they think is 18, but is actually 35, and lives in his mother's basement.

Myspace was made by Satan himself, and is run by Hitler and his Nazi army.
Oh yes, Hitler's still alive. Just to keep this whore-riffic site going.

Teenagers eagerly check their Myspace accounts every five minutes, hoping for a new comment, and instead find nothing.
Often, when they do find a comment, they will bitch about it, sobbing as they think "omg how kuld dey sey dat bout me?1/!?!1//", then go to slit their wrists like the little emo children they are.

Point: Myspace = Death. Don't do it kids.
Kid 1: Oh, let me check my My space.
Kid 2: Okay.

Kid 1: *reads comments* ... Razor, please.
Kid 2: Always keep it next to my computer. *hands it to him

Kid 1: Blood orgy?
Kid 2: Yes please.
by Shmooks February 12, 2006
an addicting website that was probably made so people can meet new friends around the world, or maybe keep in touch with family, yet it got changed to a popularity contest begging and pleeding to get new friends, because people feel they "need" to have 100000 friends on a WEBSITE, its not real life, im sorry but if your begging and pleading for that many friends, then you probably dont have any friends in real life..


"im so ugly"

"im so fat" (yet they have a picture with like no clothes on.
by AllyB August 23, 2005
The epitome of trendiness in the internet.
OMG, Are you in myspace? Let me add you so we can send messages to each other that we could send through IMs, phone calls, or even in real life!
by Geo February 14, 2005
myspace is life. everything about myspace is perfection. what cant you get out of it?

pictures. friends. commments. hotties.....

myspace is everything a person needs in life to win.
Myspace is life, everything is perfect when Myspace is in use.
by danielle domarasky May 05, 2007
the site on the INTERWEB where COOL KIDS (not really) whore themselves around. kids with emo/scene hair love to take gay photos of themselves from all angles scientifically possible, and people friend them because they think they look so cool when really theyre all just counterfeit whores with nothing else to waste theyre brains on. they all think theyre so cool with their dyed fake choppy hair when really the only people looking at their pages are theyre gay friends and the people who hate them. they say things that try to make them look UBER COOL and HxC and theyre mindless friends add stupid comments to boost theyre either ruined or already huge egos. they spend hours every day on editing their profiles' or browsing other profiles but swear that they have lives. they think theyre original and unique when really theyre copying every other faggot thats there.
"Teens on my space thinks theyre so HxC. I think theyre HxC. not."
by your favorite backdoor whore March 02, 2007

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