is a fun, social networking site that lets you talk to friends, post pictures and blogs, and design a profile of your self using HTML. This site is fun and is a great place to make friends, learn HTML, listen to music, promote a band, and mostly, keep in touch with friends.

However, people think that it is smart and cleaver to completely hate and over-stereotype myspace. To them, if you have a myspace you are "emo", take slutty half nude pictures, try to get tons of friends to look cool, and whore your self in attempt to get more friends/comments. This is true sometimes but a lot of people on it really don't do those things and like to talk to their real friends.

Yes, it can be annoying at times to see all of the slutty pics and whoring bulletins, but it is worth it to keep in touch with friends and is a heck of a lot faster than snail mail. And if you DO have over a hundred friends and a well designed page, it does not mean that you know none of those people and just want to look cool.

And for the people that think myspace is full of perverts and stalkers, thats only a problem if you are dumb and provide your phone number ON your profile or respond to any messages from 40 year old men in a different states saying, "Hey your hot, want to chat?".

Overall, myspace is a great site that gets shadowed way too much by stereotyping and bad stories on the news. Myspace is a great place and is very fun but if you have bad things to say about it or hate it, DON'T GET A FREAKING MYSPACE! It's that simple!
Person: Hey, do you have a myspace?
Me: Yeah.
Me: (whips out shotgun)
by Stephen June 16, 2006
1)A website where goth kids talk about their problems and make fantasies about meeting someone
2) A site where a 75 year old male can look at picture of younger kids and hopefully "meet" them at an "arcade"
ONE DAY: hey look there are kids from myspace O GOODNESS they are cutting themselves!
NEXT DAY: Whered those kids from myspace go? Oh, thats right they are at the bottom of the river...shame.
by Jesus Chris aka the docta June 07, 2005
The stupidest thing on the iternet where all these emo fags post pictures to make them feel different while they are all the same
Hey, i love emo music and i want to kill myself, of course i have a myspace.
by Alex March 10, 2005
WHat was once a small community of people who could hang out and socialise but is now the domain of emo attention whores and pedophiles. If you ever attempt to tell any user of MySPace the truth of the site the response if them getting bitchy/slapping you in the face/ going "ZOMG WAHH! YOu MAKA FUN AMAH FEELEN!"/ IM EMO YOU BASTARD! //WRIST//
I touched little girls by abducting them from myspace then I cut my wrist!
by Erik Ehlert January 08, 2008
a website where most people spend there usless time.
they get excited over new comments, and new picture comments, messages and friend requests.
well i knoq i sure do.
i so am gonna go check my myspace. omg look new comments!
by Alex Tunnell January 03, 2007
It is not an epidemic. It is a pandemic. This is the worst pandemic since the black plague.
Myspace must be destroyed...
by Adrian September 23, 2006
The most addictive website around.

Made by Tom and is where scene kids and emos (however the odd chav is some times spotted) can be found. A bit like 'bebo' or 'face party' etc, you meet new people and can add your friends.
scene kid #1: Have you checked your myspace today?

secne kid #2: No dude, I'm getting myspace withdrawal symtoms

scene kid #1: I had like 50 comments waiting for me, I'm so scene
by Chloe Webb May 26, 2006
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