This website has been stereotyped completley wrong.
This site is NOT just for those so-called scene/emo kids. This site is a way to connect with your friends, and share your individual photography with them. For example, I do NOT whore myself. And not everyone does. So all you guys shut up about it being a stupid website, because you can express yourself here more than any site.

The girls who get raped on this site are the ones putting themselves in danger by adding people they don't know....It's their own fault, so STOP BLAMING MYSPACE!

Myspace is an addictive website though, for you find yourself checking messages every five seconds. If you see something that says "omg!!! I will totally ignore you if you leave a message! I only want comments!!" That's a signal that they are full of themselves and prolly have no real friends on the site and only want attention. I personally think that's ridicolus. Myspace is not a ego-boosting piece of crap. It is a place for people to talk to their friends, family, and what not who may live in different cities. Ever think of that? NO, but all of you automatically think one thing, and almost every definition is completely untrue.

My boyfriend found a friend that he hasn't seen in 10 years, they're finally talking again. If it wasn't for myspace, they would have lost touch.
by KK magic May 26, 2006
"a place for friends"
it has chat, and a people finder so you can stalk people via internet and find them and their friends but dont do that
hey i found mi friend on myspace from 4th grade
by eagles_chick331 January 20, 2009
A website completely hated on Urban Dictionary which is actually not that bad. Helps to keep in touch and meet friends of friends and new people.

DISCLAIMER: It is addictive though...
Today I made a Myspace, so I got to talk to my best friend Stacy who lives in California!
by siaurjadfnjszhjdhaajdh2255885522336 September 22, 2006
Myspace is a website for rich upper class scenester bitches who really have no idea about what real life is like. Started out as a good idea for ADULTS. Then ruined by teen america.
wow, poor guy who has to pay for the server this myspace shit is run on...
by Steve N October 27, 2005
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