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Myspace is a website that allows you to make a "profile", or as i view it, "you on the internet". Some people memorize their myspace ID and tell people to add them, THEIR MYSPACE ID!!!! It allows you to show who you are through the internet. Think about it, you pick everything about your profile; what pictures you put up, your background, your music, your about me, your blogs, your likes/dislikes, who you'd like to meet, what books/movies/music you like, who your heros are, and you choose who your friends are. You also have conversations online. People use myspace to "see who's online! omg!". We even have myspace; drama, whores, bands, and t.v. And now we have a truth box, where you can see what people think about you, and its totally confidential. People could pick up the phone or decide to meet somewhere or go outside.... they go online... to message and comment. What has the world come to?
EX1"Have you checked my myspace?"

EX2"Did you read my latest blog?"

EX3"pc4pc" "w4w" "sub4sub"
by Emily6543 June 12, 2008

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