The heart of all that is evil on the internet... People no longer can talk to eacher normally without bringing up the mention of "MySpace". It is the end of civilized man.
Person A: "Have you heard of this band?"
Person B: "No"
Person A: "Let me go to their MySpace and..."
Person B: "But we work in a record store..."
by Captain Johnny October 05, 2006
1. A website created in 2003 by Tom Anderson of UCLA to help young adults who are out of school meet each other and for bands to post information about each other to reach new fans.

2. Opening the floodgates to ones private life.

3. Reconnecting with people that you don't really want to see again, or that you don't want them to know about you.

4. A place to post suggestive pictures at angles that will make you look attractive.

5. A place where lonely, socially-inept people spend gobs of time.

6. A place to boast your ego by competing with others about how many friends you have, how many comments you have, posting pointless surveys, describing yourself as "I'm a good looking boy/girl, who hates drama, loves Europe, doesn't know if he/she is straight/gay/bi, finds religion passe, etc." To top it off, a blog where you can bitch about how much life sucks, parents suck, boys suck, girls suck, job sucks, etc.

7. A sad excuse to developing real, geniune friendships and relationships.

8. A way to avoid conflict by sending messages or threats through myspace in place of face to face contact.

9. A website loaded with errors.

10. A pedophiles best friend.

11. A way for potential employers to find out how drunk you get, how high you get, how you love to party, how you play hokey, etc.

12. A site loaded with pages that can cause seizures.

13. A site loaded with advertising where you can "win" a cell phone by pushing the button to "help Bush outknit Sadaam!"

14. A site that can freeze or lock your computer.

15. A way to find people to hook up or date, a blind date set-up, even people from thousands of miles away who one person goes to meet the other, they feel they have "chemistry", decide to leave their secure home, get married... and realize the nightmare they have gotten themselves into.

16. A religion with the god of Tom.

17. The worst addiction next to drugs.

18. The downfall of mankind.

19. A haven for grammar and spelling errors.

20. A place to see "true" ads, with a girl licking a lollypop, showing her boobs, wanting to "chat".

21. A way to totally screw up your life (lose your job, lose your "true" friends, not go out, have anyone around the world find out about you, have no privacy, etc.)

22. A place where you can be "friends" with a celebrity.

23. Another thing that is adding to the lazy epidemic in America.

24. A place to make yourself much cooler than you really are.

25. A sign of the apocolypse.

Save yourself, DON'T get a Myspace, or CLOSE your account. Be a normal human being. Have a private life. Develop close relationships that matter. Go outside. Socialize. Enjoy nature. Travel. Explore your city. You'll be much better off.
Forget it Doctor, it's too late. He/she has a bad case of MySpace.
by kingbk05 May 10, 2007
A place where you will most likely be able to find every person that goes to your high school....sad, but true.
Hey, check it out.
I saw that chick on myspace yesterday!
by David Burrey October 03, 2006

An FDA approved drug for people of all ages. Myspace is usually popular with the scenesters that have choppy black and blonde hair with the caption ''Boo hoo my sad face'' under the pic. Many times a week Spongebob Squarepants or Ned Flanders will make a profile and people will often believe that these are real people. Are you stupid? They are cartoons run by role players that have no life. And then there are the 10-16 year old girls with thier underdeveloped tits everywhere ''LYKE OMFG I HAVE A DILDO IN MY MOUTH HOW FUCKING COOL AM I?'' Your not. It just proves to us that your a whore. ''LYK OMG ME AND DANIELLE HAVE WINE COOLERES ARE WE COOL?'' No and the only people who think your ''hawt'' are people that were forced to comment your pics because you sent 15,000 bulletins saying so or that ''George'' kid who claims to be 17 but is really 47. Also the site is run by a guy who doesn't know shit about web development. ''Sorry an error had occurred'' ''Bulletins are off the line''Most people have crappy MNyspace songs. Often you'll hear a Hilary Duff or an Ashley Parker Angel song that will make anyone's ears bleed. Point is delete your Myspace and you'll get 15% of your dignity back
myspace a place for scenewhores,pedophiles,crappy web developing, and underdeveloped tits P.S. A 13-year old girl wrote this
by anononononomous July 25, 2006
A website created by a man named Tom, with the starting purpose of helping lonely adults find mates. HOWEVER, once the scene kids took over (scene kid: a boy/girl with a haircut that says nothing but "hello, I gorged out my 7 year old sisters eyes and let her take a scissor to my head." and feel the need to wear EXTREMELY tight pants, and thermal shirts with silly little dinosaurs all over them.) the website was completely corrupt. It is now a place where you can leave a comment on the page of one of your 19809324 friends that you don't <i>actually</i> know, just to tell them that you are going to "kill their face", but of course..if you're totally myspace addicted, you won't comment to tell them that, because it will already be your MySpace name. And that would just be repetitive now wouldn't it? I wonder if the people on myspace are aware that no one gives a shit whether or not they like popsicles, and what their opinion is on "fake posers that just cause drama". To all those addicted to MySpace, kindly go kill yourself and rid this world of yet another mindless conforming cunt. Thank you.

Oh P.S.-Pretty much everyone on MySpace has been turned onto the phrase "kthnxbai".
"yo PLZ tell all yur frndz 2 add meh 2 thur myspaces cuz I am sad nd borning nd have lyke no lyfe. KTHNXBAI."
by lkjdifj February 20, 2006
biggest,most useless and annoying waste of space and time EVER!!

the worst thing to happen to the internet since Napster...a site where losers post pics taken in their bathrooms and share their personal information with the entire world and where people constantly whore their asses off online just to 'get a comment'

who gives a fuck if you have 21,000 friends on myspace, if you end up broke and homeless...ZERO of those 'friends' will show up and aid you
chicks at school: OMGzZ!!1 i am soooooo mad at chad because he didnt read my comment on Myspace!!

me: shut the fuck up with that myspace shit already! you artifical,materialistic cock master whores

chicks at school: ur just mad because you dont have friends on myspace LOLZ

me: yeah?? well at least i have 2 REAL FRIENDS who are there for me whenever i need them....
by tha truth teller August 07, 2006
A "place for friends", a social networking site. On the positive site it enables you to chat with like-minded people that you might not meet in everyday life and it also enables you to track down old schoolmates like a stalker! On the negative side the site can get pretty mediocre, with the average profile being of an oh-so-edgy emo chick/dude (it's hard to tell!), and the fact that Tom is a bit creepy plus never helps when hackers send you trojans via your profile! And how come these people live such so-called glamorous lifestyles when they're sat in front of their computers all day! Fantasy world me-thinks.
Hi I'm BrokenValentinexox, I'm 99 years old, welcome to my myspace, comment me or FUCK OFF! My parents are both lawyers but we're tooootally poor. I wish they would leave me and my trisexual lover alone. See, I'm easy to get along with! I HATE shallow people who only go for looks.
Only add me if you're good-looking ok! TEH SEX!
by Kralyaxxx July 16, 2006

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