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Usually a young girl of about 13-19 on MySpace, although males are known to be myspace whores too, ranging in the area of about 14-18, ex. Daniel Hilton. Usually has over 1K friends, and lets you know it often, even though is always complaining about being lonely and posting bulletins to the affect of "talk to me or i'll delete my profile" (does this often, too.) Takes many photos of themselves scarcely clad or in some odd gangster pose though, usually, would get shot if they did that out side of myspace. Ususally "scene", "emo", "hXc" or "sXe". Posts picture captions to the affect of "Ewwww, im so ugly" or "OMFG, arent i so fucking hot??!!!". Wears lots of eyeliner. Generic bands, likes, dislikes, has no real personality. IS GROSS.

WARNING: maybe a paid member, or whores for advertising.
Contest sites (usually run by teenaged girls)
Daniel Hilton

"Goddammit. She's naked in the picture. She is such a myspace whore."

"He has W4Wed (whore for whore) them 5 times. He's a myspace whore."

"Those pictures all look the same. And they've been spammed for 7 pages! WHAT A MYSPAE WHORE!"

"She has over 3000 friends, and doesnt know any of them personally. She's just a fucking mypace whore."
by catedawg March 31, 2007
16 11
A person who consumes most of their time on the internet website These people are often loved by their scene friends. An addiction is often present in these people.
"Look at that loser girl over there, she takes revealing pictures of herself and tries to get guys as a myspace whore"
by eric February 28, 2005
1470 296
Usually a female on MySpace who goes nights without sleep just so she can post comments, bullitens, and pictures. She will often skip homework so she can be on MySpace, and naturally gets on it once she's at school. She'll generally have over 1000 friends because she'll be posting really slutty pictures of herself and pictures where you can't see her face and she isn't smiling. Generally has the same taste in music as everyone else on MySpace and is constantly threatening to delete her MySpace account because she's begging for attention.
MySpace whores will never survive after they graduate.

Kelly the MySpace whore doesn't have a job even though she's 25.
by Morbidia May 29, 2005
1232 288
not what most people have said.
A person who spends a lot of time on myspace, but while on there, posts bulletins and sends messages to other people telling them to add so and so, and the person they're 'whoring' does the same for them.
Person 1: Whore me? I have 5k friends!
Person 2: Ok, just click my button and whore me too!

Whoring Bulletin:
Add Sam! She's super hot!
She comments!
(Persons Pic Here)

Thats what a myspace whore does.
by Tyffany November 10, 2005
849 234
usually a girl but sometimes a guy can be even worse, who posts flattering high contrast photoshopped pictures of themselves in their myspace user pictures and befriends other good looking people just for the sake of vanity and being ogled. they usually flirt via the comment boxes, overusing little obnoxious phrases and tags such as "<3", "kthxbi", and any verb beginning and ending with *asterisks.*
"Hey cutie OMG thanx for the add ur pics are sooo hoTT *teehee* comment back kthxbi <3 OMG i'm such a myspace WHORE
by lauren February 23, 2005
507 139
a person who whores themself and others just for the sake of adding friends in an attempt to look cool and say they have alot of friends.

they often do this by posting bulletins that say things such as "add this person they are good in bed"
i have 238476293460256 friends bc i am a myspace whore, but even tho i have all those friends on myspace i have no real friends.
by alicia welden January 07, 2006
372 95
(noun): A person who signs onto myspace whenever they have free time. They change their pictures every three or so days. If their pictures don't instantly have 490 comments on their new pictures, they post several bulletins stragticlly saying, "<b>NEW PICZZZZ! COMMENT PLZZZZ!!!</b>" This is also true for if they don't get 670 regular comments every time they sign on. To be a myspace whore, you have to have <i>at least</i> 1500 friends.

Believed to have derived from the word whore. People <i>very cleverly</i> added the word myspace in front of it. This phrase originated between 2003 and 2005.
OMG, Stacey is such a myspace whore! She posts bulletins like every five minutes! She must have atleast three thousand friends she doesn't even know!
by Claire S.... February 05, 2006
296 87
A myspace whore is one who spends most of their waking hours on
They have thousands of friends, only because they 'whore' themselves in bulletins in a pathetic attempt to gain more friends and look cool on the internet. Upon gaining more friends, the myspace whore convinces these new myspace friends to whore them like there's no tomorrow.
Myspace whore can also be defined as one with very little exposure to the real world.
Other friend: "OH wow, I should whore her. I hope she whores me, she has 5k friends! Maybe all 5k of her friends will add me! Then I will be amazingly cool! I'll be an e-superstar!"
by myspace_ruins_lives February 25, 2006
180 49