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An idiot's substitution for the words "me" or "I". "Myself" should only be used in reflexive cases or intensive cases.

Commonly used by people who do not know the proper rules of usage for "me" and "I", or by those who were taught at an early age that "me" is a dirty word.
Incorrect usage:
We need more people like myself to do this job correctly.
Feel free to ask any of us, myself included.

Correct usage:
We need more people like I to do this job correctly.
Feel free to ask any of us, me included.
I made this myself. (intensive)
I hurt myself. (reflexive)
by Penbiks August 18, 2006
The name that only you can call yourself.
I am who I am: myself.
by Kanthia January 01, 2006
Far less popular sibling of themself, owing to its obnoxiously self-regarding ostentatiousness.
"i hurt myselves today."
by _m374 May 10, 2006
The word that should be used in all places where you used to say "me." This movement has been championed by upper management in corporations, elected officials, news and media, and all of the English speaking world's best and brightest.

Only low-class people say the word "me."
Allow myself to introduce myself.
by scrybz May 27, 2012
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