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Mom you'd like to fuck. Just like milf except it removed you from the wanting to fuck her. Useful for talking about relatives you wouldn't actually want to fuck.
My mom's a mylf, dumbass.
by Anonymous Coward March 27, 2005
Mom YOU'D Like To F*** - MILF in the first person. If a woman is a MILF, her shirt would read "MYLF" because the term is directed to the viewer.
Bobby's Mom: I'm a MYLF
Teen Guy: You certainly are a MILF!
by jgreene777 November 10, 2008
Bascially the same as MILF (mother I'd like to fuck) but a different point of view.
girl 1: What's with the staring today? Do I have something stuck on ym ass or am I just a MYLF?

girl 2: You're definitely a MILF!
by TheNakedGhoul April 13, 2005
(pronounced mulf) A mom you'd like to fuck that no one else would touch no matter how many beers they have had
Justin: "Rosie O'Donnell is so hot"
Dan: "All you man, she is a total mylf"
by The Greg Brady October 22, 2009
man you'd like to fuck. Works the same way milf does.
Said by a guy: I am a mylf
by Satchmo January 31, 2005
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