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Mom YOU'D Like To F*** - MILF in the first person. If a woman is a MILF, her shirt would read "MYLF" because the term is directed to the viewer.
Bobby's Mom: I'm a MYLF
Teen Guy: You certainly are a MILF!
#milf #mother #mom #grammar #noun
by jgreene777 November 10, 2008
To remove the ugliness from something. Usually in reference to someone's face or other undesireable features.
"Man, did you see that chick? She's in serious need of an Uglectomy"

"That guy needs to shave!"
"No, that guy needs an Uglectomy!"
#ugly #fugly #unattractive #double-bagger #butter face
by jgreene777 March 02, 2008
This is the opposite of the Midas touch and easier to say than "Inverse Midas". When everything you touch turns to shit, it's the Shidas Touch.
What the hell!? You sure have the Shidas touch today!

Wow. That was a serious fail. You have the Shidas Touch, kiddo.
#shit #midas #fail #wrong #mistake
by jgreene777 June 07, 2010
The act of preparing coffee for someone else, even when you won't get any.
My wife had to leave early this morning and knew she wouldn't have time to wait on the coffee to brew, so she just gave me a coffee job on her way out.
#hand job #coffee #girlfriend #wife #spouse #help
by jgreene777 September 23, 2008
Fuck My Diet; used to declare that you are tired of your diet and you are going to eat whatever you want.
A: let's go to Abuelo's for lunch.
B: Why not?! FMD!
#fml #fmr #diet #give up #food
by jgreene777 July 01, 2010
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