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chilling out; relaxing (usually with others)
What are you up to this arvo?" "Not much mate, just muzzin"
by gowz June 14, 2010
Trippin or being high on drugs, namely any combination of cones, psychedelics, alcohol and durries. While "muzzin", one may perceive the world in a different manner, and may simultaneously feel both connected and distant from their surroundings.
"Oi Eddie, is it just the shrooms or are those curtains moving?" "Nah mate, your just muzzin" "I hit a bong after a 2 month tolerance break this arvo, got me muzzin hard"
by mrmuzz October 29, 2015
muzzin, slang for womb, preferably female, human
whoah, that muzzin dilated 15 times during the pregnancy!
by sheezzzz December 08, 2007

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