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A word used in america which simply means caravan park in Australia! Also trailer parks are very cheap in quality and quantity, full of junkies, dodgy people and druggies! Things cant get better in a tip!
Two trailer park girls are smoking hashish!

Two caravan park girls sniffing coke!
by mooncrater December 22, 2010
teenybopper a.k.a teentart

A girl between 12-15 that wears tights with singlet and cardigan with flats, or alternatively minishorts with tops with retarted sayings on it and bums around broady, epping, highpoint or northland shopping centres in two's or three's, in search for boys. They squeal and talk in a squeeky voice, have long hair, chews gum and eats maccas. Mostly short and skinny or average height and skinny. They are materialistic and care only abt looks, fashion, makeup, boys and maccas. They love shopping at supre, diva, ice, chicci and Y-not type stores. They are mostly dumb in maths and have a confused look on their face while looking at timetables, maps etc.
Look at those teenyboppers!
by mooncrater October 05, 2010
If you see a head that belongs in the zoo then this is a perfect insult, also if u see a person who acts like an animal or like a faggot again u can use this as an insult!

Or someone who can't pose in individual photos, as in they take there pics from a bathroom mirror and there head comes out retarted (wonky).
Student 1: Miss are u gonna check our homework?

Teacher: oh yes, Class I'm going to check all your homework, please open your excersize books now!

Student 2: Sam ur suck a dick! As if u ask the teacher to check our homework, I havnt done it mate!

Student 1: I dnt care u lazy pig u should've done it!

Student 2: Watta head!

Student 1: Ur mum has a big head!

Student 2: Fuck off Fag, teachers pet!
by mooncrater December 22, 2010
A young male between 14-25 either Lebo, Assyrian, greek or Turk.They are usually highschool dropouts and currently working at kebab shops or building constructions.They drive old cars such as holden VL,V6, VT,Calai, Berlina, Subaru WRX, Nissan Skyline, mitsubishi Lancer '02 with turbo & subwoofers.They wear trackies and adidas or nike, kappa, puma, reebok jumpers with dunlop volleys.Their hair is over gelled, with blonde-patches, straightened with a commando or baseball cap. Muzzas use words like omg, uleh, lan, taxed,shotgun,yep, Bro, fully sik, fully hektik, awesome, sweet, say vallah bro, Cuz, habib.They listen to hardcore Trance, RnB, Rap & Wog music.They hangout at Broady, Roxc, Fawkner maccas. Roxc, Epping & Broady Cinemas. The northern suburb train stations.They spend all their money on trackies, petrol, grand theft auto, GYM, maccas & phone credit.. They have heaps of phones each one on a different network & mostly stolen. They live in the northern suburbs and ride on public tranport for free. Also they sneak movies at cinemas.Muzzas will drive with all 4 windows down, Trance on base, the driver seat in the lowest position, cap on their head, 1 hand on the fone, eyes on female pedestrians and not making any use of the mirrors. For example they drive at 80km in 60 zone, 50km over a speedbump, run redlights, drift around at nite, do a 360 at a carpark, change lanes without signalling, drive 120km on freeways, drive on neutral and bunny hop their car, if its manual.
Person a- Did you just see that car over there?

Person b- The holden calai with the silver wheels?

Person a- Yes, that guy didnt even signal and just cut through 4 cars and went through a red light!

Person b- Yeah typical muzza!
by mooncrater October 05, 2010
A phrase used in highschool settings, in class rooms usally, when a loser class mate says
"Omg im so bored, i cnt be stuffed doing any work".

Then you say "go home faggot!"
by mooncrater December 22, 2010
A Tv show which was made in Sydney, Australia. Its funny and lame time to time. Its based on wogs (lebos, greeks) who deal drugs and live cheap, crap lives!
Bobo: Hallo Fat pizza's pizzas, hot and cheesy!
Guy: Ommgg Bobo can ya gimme Rocky on da fone mate? Im his long lost cuzen!
Bobo: Rocky? Nah mate! Rocky is long time fired!
Guy: Waaatt? Say wallah mate!
by mooncrater March 03, 2011
Track suit pants worn by muzzas and muzteks in melbourne.
person a: Watta muzza!
person b: yeah with his adidas trackies!
by mooncrater October 06, 2010

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