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A muzza is a male of any descent contrary to popular belief, who spends his nights on Chapel Street with his "fully pimped out" R33 Skyline or 5Lt VN’s. He is a born bred Melbournian who spends $100 + on hair care products. A muzza is usually in Champion, Adidas, Kappa, Diesel, P.O. Box etc. for any occasion.

A muzza uses words such as uleh, lan, bro, sik, re etc. with his "bros".

A muzza is 100% metro.
Cruising down Chapel St headin to do some burnouts at 3am, to meet his bros. 3 subs and neons surround his car, pumpin some heavy beats as loud as he possibly can. - a true muzza
#muzza #muzzed #metro #pimp #adidas #melbourne #wog #bro #sick #uleh
by krucial November 25, 2006
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