1. (adj) Being under the influence of marijuana taken especially for pleasure 2. (noun) the dried leaves and flowering tops of the pistillate hemp plant that yield THC and are smoked for their intoxicating effect
1. "I am sooooo muy" 2. Do you have any muy?
by Blae September 05, 2004
Top Definition
1. Spanish adverb equvalent to "very"
2. Slang term used by homosexual white people?
1. puertorriqueno #1: Como era ella?
puertorriqueno #2: Uf! Ella pestaba como una pesca.
2. mmm... I've never heard this one before.
by Ashitaka February 25, 2004
to be really high or drunk or fucked up on any kind of substance so fuckin muy
by don_benichini December 17, 2003
High as a mutherfucker
"Hella muy in Kappa Sig, smokin' blunts, lighting trees. spraying febreeze, cuz we don't want peeps smellin the muy in the halls. Straaaaight, Douglass, 2Feet--All Day. Everyday. Dipset. Jones. Fuck Lucky! Say-E. Fji. Sig. Muuu-ay!"
by Blae September 21, 2004
A word that can mean anything, often used in conjunction with 'paso', 'tengo' or 'en tren'.
"Do you muy a pizza...paso?"
by Peter Baby May 08, 2004
another word for "Your buisness"
Cack witch your muy
"Mind your own buisness"
by kayla December 27, 2003
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