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Stunning, awesome, inspirational, wonderful.
Princess Mononoke is stunning, awesome, inspirational, and wonderful.
by Ashitaka February 25, 2004
a person that does the same thing when they come here as one here would do if they were to go there: take pictures, speak in their native tongue (not because they are disrespectful or unintelligent, but because they are merely visiting and observing a foreign land in order to gain appreciation for it), and get made fun of by the uneducated.
I feel no need for posting a hateful example, but there is a requirement to put something here.
by Ashitaka February 25, 2004
1. Spanish adverb equvalent to "very"
2. Slang term used by homosexual white people?
1. puertorriqueno #1: Como era ella?
puertorriqueno #2: Uf! Ella pestaba como una pesca.
2. mmm... I've never heard this one before.
by Ashitaka February 25, 2004
The Hadoken
~ A powerful wave of conducted electricity generated by the human spirit
~ Performed when "chi" is active in the human body from meditation
The Hadoken was believed to be used in the "ken shui" times. Ancient martial artists were skilled with the combat skill Hadoken, and people who were able to use it, were considered blessed by the God of Thunder (Houkda). Nowadays, the move is known as an urban myth and is used in popular video games such as the famous Street Fighter Series.
by Ashitaka February 17, 2005
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