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another word for trouble. taken from the cartoon Fred Flinstone. his best friends name is Barney Rubble and always causes trouble. Rubble = Trouble.
"Unless we are doing this job in Reno we're in Rubble."
by soccerjock1771 December 16, 2008
A building that should be demolished.
Terrible living conditions.
This house needs to be condemned its comparable to living in rubble.
by J_Sickness June 16, 2016
1. Rubbles: To consentually rub and nibble on a person.
2. Rubbles: A name to call someone acting like a cave person.
Example of one: *rubbles jojobean450*
Example of two: You rubbles, act civilized.
by Quizzy March 04, 2005
noun, verb, adjective, or adverb meaning whatever you want it to mean at that specific moment in time.
"Hey Skippy, are you hungover?"
by Rubblequeen July 21, 2009
A collection of food usually altogether in one pan, such as casseroles, or stir-fries. No foo garnishes allowed. You gather the last of your provisions from your Danby bachelor fridge, and fried it up with liberal helpings of soya sauce, and half-dried macaroni and cheese leftovers.
What are you cooking? Oh just frying up some rubble from the fridge. Or, hey this is good rubble.
by Big Daddy Siki March 27, 2005
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