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having a reciprocal degree and feeling of affection/attraction/interest between partners; the state derived from equality of attraction in a relationship
It was cool, this is the first relationship where I haven't had to chase a girl or campaign for her affection. She seemed as into me as I was into her. We had a total mutuality going on.
by roadstarjim April 19, 2011
one of the coolest features of facebook. another way of saying the number of mutual friends you have with someone. considered by Facebook© to be an accurate indicator of how good friends you will be with somebody, although often it's not the case in real life.


1-5 mutual friends — decent
6-20 — fair/good
21-100 — strong
>100 friends — very strong
>>1000 — soulmate
0 — no mutuality
Dude 1: Dana and I have like 221 mutual friends together on facebook. it is evident our mutuality bonds us together

Dude 2: I have like 987 mutual friends with Bob, but I don't want to "friend" him because we've never actually talked in real life
by go_agggggiess April 05, 2010
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