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similar to mess, messing
my dog likes mussing around under the covers
by mussing around November 17, 2008
Stank Vagina That Is So Loose
Liz and Shar and The Tunnel Have Loose Muss
by Loose Muss July 18, 2006
something you say when your rubbing someones hair
Grant: muss, muss. :)(while rubbing camerons hair)
Cameron: stop, thats gay shit >:O
by Zach Brungard May 29, 2008
Moist Puss
Damn Kendall, I'm gonna be wanting to get me some muss tonight
by bob law July 10, 2008
What Redneck boys call a girl who is talking to or going out with a guy. Another word to call a guy's"chick".
Redneck: Hey where's your Muss ?
Asian Boy who thinks he's a redneck: I dont know mann. Shes being kinda mussy right now.
by swampdonkeymussymuss4life May 28, 2011
a girl who is extremely ugly
that party was so shit, coz all the chicks were muss

steph louey is totally muss
by surfer G September 25, 2003
The Female genetalia
"By the looks of our waitress we could tell she had a loose muss."
"I stuck my girlfriend 17 times in her muss."
by The 6 Pak March 12, 2006
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